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澳门金沙网上娱乐官网:The fund is set to invest in helping you build your life bankbook

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内容摘要:Have you ever thought about your life after 30 years?For beginners, 30 years later means that they have already entered the old age. Think a...

Have you ever thought about your life after 30 years?

For beginners, 30 years later means that they have already entered the old age. Think about it, at that time you leisurely walk with the lover in the manor, or dwelling in a small house, frowning for the cost of living next month?

A person's wealth accumulation will directly affect his later years' living standards. Money management is a matter of life. As inflation intensifies, if we are not good at financial management when we are young, our labor income will gradually shrink, and we will not be able to meet our daily living expenses after retirement.

So, in the 30 years of work, we must prepare for the cost of living good future 30 years.

Taiwan Ms. Xiao Biyan, the godmother, said that when young people do financial management, they should establish three passbooks for life financial planning: the first is the retirement pension passbook, which is the long-term and must-complete requirement; the second is love. Passbooks are for the education needs of children, and they are for the needs of the mid-term; the third is for passbooks that are non-trivial and specifically meet the short-term needs we want.

Well, what book we have to deposit first?

Mr. Xiao Biyan believes that if necessary, the bigger the amount is, the more it will be saved. Therefore, we must first save long-term retirement pension passbook, the second is the love passbook - children's education, and finally meet the short-term needs of the passbook.

As for the three passbooks of life, how do you save? Teacher Xiao Biyan said that depending on the salary, it can be saved little by little. Although it is practical, it is too slow. Therefore, a better way is to find a financial management method that suits you. For those who have no investment experience at all, the fund is scheduled to invest is a very appropriate financial management.

As the godmother of Taiwan's fixed investment, she was invited by the Harvest Fund to conduct fund-finding seminars in the mainland on several occasions, and also received a lot of fans admiring her. Xiao Bian has the honor to participate in a number of lectures given by Mr. Xiao Biyan's fixed-investment lecture. If she uses two words to describe her decisive mind, it is “simple”.

According to Mr. Xiao Biyan, fixed investment is a relatively simple and effective investment method for investors. Don't think too much. The simpler the better.

Which day will it be better to select a deduction date for the fund?

The day when the salary is paid is better.

When is it more appropriate to start a regular investment?

With money on hand, you can always decide to vote. It's best to start today.

In his lecture, Xiao Biyan is more concerned about the permanent theme of investment: humanity.

The reason for investing in making money is simple: buy low and sell high, but most investors are buying high and selling low, and the actual and theoretical are always contrary. Why is this? The investment target was not selected, fund company was not selected, the fund manager was not selected... 100 investors, there may be 1000 answers.

People who buy the same stock and fund will make money; if the market goes up, you will lose money; if the fund makes money, you will not make money...

The key lies in "buying" and "selling", between buying and selling. It is both a matter of timing and human nature. Funds are scheduled to try to solve the issue of timing to a certain extent, weakening the impact of human nature on investment.

With no planned investment, it is easy for oneself to dance with the market's ups and downs, and get lost in the market's chase and defeat, leading to the failure of investment. The essence of the fund's decision is to balance the buying cost and share the risk. When the market is good, the net value bought is more expensive, and the number of units is also less. When the market is bad, it can buy cheaper net value and accumulate more units. number.

Buy, buy now, have money to buy, buy it more and more; sell, stop loss does not stop loss, bag security. Now, pick a suitable fund and start your three lifebook plans for your life.





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